Welcome to Bonfit America Inc. You’ve seen our products at leading retailers like Target, Bed Bath & Beyond and Walmart since 1992 - From the world famous and consumer acclaimed Brust-t to Steripod, and Play Nine, our products are used around the world by hundreds of thousands of people just like you!


We are a family owned business based in Culver City, California. Our research and marketing as well as shipping and customer service center is located here - we manufacture in a number of countries globally.



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Phone: 310.204.7880

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Steripod Toothbrush Protector

steripod clip-on toothbrush protector fits any standard or electric toothbrush and keeps your toothbrush smelling fresh and clean for up to 3 months with active vapors.  Great for home, gym, school or travel, steripod clips-on your brush and protects! - without the hassle of batteries or cables!




Steripod Razor Protector

razorpod by steripod is a clip-on protector that fits most disposable or cartridge razors. razorpod protects your fingers and your blades at home and on the go! No cables or batteries required! Great for home, gym, school or travel, razorpod protects you from unwanted cuts and your razor from dirt and soap!




Brush-T Original Brush Tees

The innovative Brush-t™ performance golf tee allows you to tee your ball at a consistent height on flexible synthetic bristles that bend on impact, creating a feel of driving the ball off the air. Unlike a regular golf tee, the bristles on the brush tee provide significantly less resistance which produces dramatically longer and straighter drives. Available in 4 Sizes.




Brush-T Drive 500 Spring Tees

Unrivaled Strength The DRIVE500 Spring Tee lasts an average of eighteen rounds, making it an economical choice over wooden tees. This durable tee gets out of your club head's way at the point of contact for a cleaner follow through. Anchor ridges keep your tee firmly rooted in the ground for a consistent tee height. Beat the competition with this incredibly smooth, consistent tee.





Play Nine - The Card Game of Golf

Play Nine is fun for the whole family - at home, the beach and for travel! Every Play Nine Game comes complete with 2 decks of high quality Play Nine Cards, Scorepads, Rules and a Pencil - Everything you need to start a game anywhere!


The object is to shoot the lowest score. After nine holes, the lowest score wins. Card values range from -5 (hole-in-one) to 12 (out of bounds). Golfers and non-golfers alike enjoy Play Nine. The game takes about 20 minutes to 1 hour to play depending on number of players. The combination of strategy and luck-of-the-draw keeps the fun and challenge alive down to the last hole. Play Nine, the card game of golf, is easy to learn and fun to play so - Let's Play Nine!.





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